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WECAN Food Basket

Beverly Day Care Society is one of the many WECAN Food Basket  depots. This program is open to anyone.  To become a member in this program,  simply buy a $5 annual membership.  This membership is for one year from April to March. Members pay for their food orders every first Friday of the month to stretch their food budget to the end of the month.  

Wecan offer 3 cuts of frozen meat 3 types of fresh vegetables and 3 kinds of seasonal fruit every month, along with monthly newsletter with helpful recipes to prepare health meals. Complete meat and produce order for $35. Meat order is $20.00 and produce order is $15.00.

Call For Inquiry

(780) 477-1151

Pick up day is most often the third Thursday the month. Occasionally statutory holidays move the payment and pick up dates a week later. Wecan provides a yearly calendar with these important dates to all the members of this program. WECAN members also receive a monthly newsletter with helpful recipes to prepare health meals. 

The payment for the orders and food pick up is at our center (Beverly Day Care Society & Family Resource Center).  You may also pay online @ and still request to pick up from beverly depot.